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So swweettt

If this were my son I wouldn't be mad at him at all for this. Such a young age and this little boy realizes the better things of the world. Faith in humanity can be restored, and it starts with our children.

Josh & Grace! Amazing Love & God's Angel!!

Josh and Grace

the lord works in mysterious this is totes presh. some times, I wish I had a down syndrome sibling! I love down syndrome people! they are so sweet and don't care what people say. so inspirational!

As if I need any more reasons to love these guys!

Random Pictures Of The Day - 75 Pics This kid had a panic attack while meat maroon So the whole band layed on the ground with him until he felt better

16 Funny and Geeky Kids Who Are Doing Things Right - TechEBlog

Kiddos can be rowdy at times, but there's no denying that they are worth it. like the baby above who's trying to climb on top of a plush Totoro toy. We have rounded sixteen more funny and geeky kids who are doing things (and life) right.

Keanu Reeves. I've read this before.. He's had a very sad life but continues to be humble and mobe on.

Faith In Humanity Restored - I never knew any of this. So sad someone has had to go thru so much pain. He always has seemed like a down to earth guy- He knows what is important in life. Not materialistic things. I'm even a bigger fan of his now.

Repin if your heart goes out to this little girl. When I first started reading this, I almost started crying its so sad

Dad walks his daughter in a wedding that he won't get to attend for real. UuGGhhHH Im crying! im so happy my dad wil be here for my wedding day!

I Just Did Nine Months

Just Did Nine Months On The Inside # Baby Clothes # Funny Time ;) Crikettes Halloween costume to take a picture with her daddy

Luv it! Only for a second // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

Only for a second…

Only for a second // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - this is so sweet. God bless there beautiful hearts:)

Best friend EVER!!!

The perks of having great friends…

Funny pictures about Helping A Friend At The Gym. Oh, and cool pics about Helping A Friend At The Gym. Also, Helping A Friend At The Gym photos.