Side braid. Seems obvious, but I always seem to add too much hair along the way down and then it looks weird.

If you're looking for a sleek and simple way to pull your hair back, this is it! #beauty #style #howto

Elegant Braided Hairstyles for Winter

Cute easy updo

Easy Way to get such Hair style Best World Fashion

no i did not know how to french braid ---- it's actually a four strand braid!

Loving this crown braid style!

Romantic Side Braid Hair Tutorial | Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair | via oncewed #sidebraid #tutorial #romance

Never braid the pieces coming through... At least I know how to do it know!

Braided bun with a braid on each side wrapped around, so cute, and hair is out of the way to keep up With the kids

Put hair in a pony tale, put a piece of hair to the side, braid it. Then put hair in bun, wrap the braid around the bun. Then done ;)

I love braids.

1.) Place your hair into a high ponytail 2.) Cut the end of a sock so that you can place out ponytail through it (the bigger the sock, the fuller your bun will be) 3.) Fan your hair out, making sure the sock is covered all around, then put a hair tie over it 4.) Take the remaining hair and split it in half 5.) Braid each side 6...


Tutorials for hair styles.

Waterfall Braid!


Cool braid for kids

Side Twist Pony

Braided messy bun.

Queen's Braid... like a French braid, but hair is added only on one side.. Love it!