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I would do this with all of my family when it, s christhmas

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Delicious Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate at the Mercury Coffee Bar in Corktown, Detroit It tasted as good as it looked!

Hot Chocolate

Restaurants and dessert venues are stepping up their hot chocolate game. The soothing cup is becoming a dessert in its own right. Here's a few places to try for a cup of chocolatey, creamy deliciousness!

How To make Your Own Hot Chocolate/Cocoa Mix.... this would be great to put into mason jars and keep in the pantry....(this is good... I now have a canister devoted to my hot cocoa mix...)

How To make Your Own Hot Chocolate/Cocoa Mix

This creamy dreamy chocolate recipe uses three dove chocolates and Godiva Chocolate Liqueur.

Hot Chocolat Milk

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Hot chocolate

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Hot chocolate

Nothing beats a cup of hot chocolate after a walk outside, in the cold.