reading and math groups

Boggle! Obviously this could be done with a printout or marker, but I just adore the use of magnet letters. It would make a great center, whole group or choice time activity.

Daily Graphing using pizza pans from Dollar Tree!

Hanging Table Group Numbers. Good idea to keep classroom management under control. For example, "thank you table 4 for sitting quietly and waiting for instruction". All kids want to be praised! Could also be used as "I need the attention of table 4". It is not calling out one specific child.

Great idea for elementary or self contained classroom, or could do for middle school, with each period instead of subject

Glitter Magnets with student numbers! So many uses for these in the classroom... homework check, lunch choice, book commercial order, etc.!

this is a great idea...students sign out when they leave the classroom; can also have magnetic pictures/words for nurse, bathroom, etc. so students can put it beside their name so you know exactly where they are!

Love this and will definitely be doing this next year!

LOVE THIS!!! Great first day of school activity to get students thinking and working together! Or great for first intro working in groups---Setting Expectations for Group Work

Post your pictures throughout the school year- I love this idea for a bulletin board that will not ever need to be changed!!! Just keep on adding pics!!! :)

grasping ten frames at the beginning of the year--add to calendar routine for constant review

Each group has their own bookshelf & trash can. Really smart. I'd love to do this!

Two filing cabinets back to back with fabric to cover. Magnet board! this is genius..

One of my favorite items is my Band-Aid box . . . nothing fancy (obviously), but seriously a huge time saver for me AND the nurse. Plus, it keeps my kids in the room and not in the nurse's office. I just buy Band-Aids at the Dollar Tree, Big Lots, or just on sale. You can usually get a box for a buck!  Whenever the kids need one, they get one! No need to explain the boo-boos, just get a Band-Aid!

dandelions and dragonflies: math centers Witzzle, boggle, add it up, center ideas, games, organization. *******

dandelions and dragonflies: classroom set up

Pinner says, "Bought these at the Dollar Tree! Now my White Board Cleaners LOVE their job!!!" I have to try this out!

Love this!!! what an easy way for center organization.....use pizza pans and magents with each students names

Gift for parents at Open House???? Pizza Box to hold projects in! Or end of year to bring projects home. Image only.

Put a different colored dot on each desk in a group. When you need to have one student from each table do something, you can just simply say "Green dots, come get the papers for your table." or "Orange dots, take your table's trash to the trashcan."