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also while it's snowing or when the sun is shining or when it's grey outside.

:) curl up in front of the window or sit on the covered porch with a cup of tea and the smell of the rain. It's magic. I also love to do this when it's snowing and there's a fire in the fireplace.only if I had a fireplace

« Les livres ne sont pas plus menacés par le Kindle que les escaliers ne l'ont été par les escaliers roulants... - StephenFry, romancier, comédien et cinéaste

"Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators" - Stephen Fry reading quotes


Shall I cook, clean or do the grocery shopping? Ok, reading it is! These are definitely my choices for today

All you need is BOOKS

Some love is nice too, but books are the real thing!

books and nature...<3

True Story: Guys that read are attractive. Seriously, hottest thing ever in my book. So glad my husband reads!

Funny quote about books...##booklover

The Reading Group Center's photo.

Certain books, like Harry Potter, oh yes!!

Certain books, like Harry Potter, oh yes!!

My life

When I've had too much reality, I open a book. Indeed, my escape.


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Still don't care

Sometimes you feel alone because of how you prioritize books over everything else. 31 Confessions Any Book Lover Will Understand

Fuck Yeah, Book Arts!

"Fiction gives us a second chance that life denies us."- Paul Theroux - reading / books / love for literature / quotes / sayings / read / a good book

That's so me! !!!!!

It is impossible to read all the books on my to-read shelf, but I keep adding books anyway. :) (Anyone who knows me knows this is totally true. Anytime I complain about not having enough room for my books, my fiance loves to tell me, "Well, read faster.

WAS?! I think you mean am.

I was the kid who stayed up all night reading. I am the who stays up all night reading. I will be the adult who stays up all night reading.

I love reading <3

Stop Falling Productions: 'She Who Reads is Booked Every Night' Sleep Shirt - Perfect for the she who loves to read in your life! Colorful artwork is silkscreened on a cotton Sleep Shirt. One size fits most women Color: Blue.

People who hate to read scare me. I used to be one of those people that hated reading, but now I am one of those people who believe ing this quote. Well all of it except the part about "People who hate to read scare me"

I don't trust people who don't read.