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Apartment Therapyfrom Apartment Therapy

Small Space Solutions: The Super Stairs — Inhabitat

When architect Dalibor Hlavacek was asked to convert a tiny attic space in Prague into a livable apartment for a family, he designed nearly every square inch of the home to serve a dual purpose — including an oven cleverly tucked into the stairs!

Oddeefrom Oddee

15 Most Creative Sinks

Abisko | Forget filling up the sink with water — this Abisko Washbasin from Eumar is more a water flume than a sink. Turn on the faucet, and the water flows all the way down its undulating shape, draining through a strategically placed grate. There's also a version that turns the mini-river you create into a waterfall. We'd like to see something in between, turning your wastewater into whitewater rapids.

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Ultra-Compact Interior Designs: 14 Small-Space Solutions

Spiral Stairs for the Tightest Spaces--- Could these be the most space-saving stairs of all time? The brand EeStairs uses a central pole and spiraling steps to fit a staircase into unbelievably tight spaces, making it a great alternative to a loft ladder. This makes it much easier to ascend and descend, especially when your hands are occupied carrying loads of laundry or other items.

This white bathroom with the enticing bathtub is inspired by the shape of an egg. From Mastella Design.