So True.

Girl Power! And... Bella. lol

its sad how true this is

The difference is dramatic

I was like, "Yeah... WOW.. So the same!" Then I was like, "Wait..What....?...LOL"

Why is she an actor?

too funny!

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HA! Harry Potter and Mean Girls crossover...I never thought I would see this, but it is highly amusing.

No one can resist Jennifer Lawrence's charisma. No one.

So true


Tom Felton and Emma Watson discuss Hermione punching Draco in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban". XD

You can't. You're a muggle. Hahaha!

Twilight vs The Hunger Games.

Lol.... i love tWILIGHT BUT THIS IS JUST FUNNY oops....caps.I can't feel like un doing it XDDD


ahh yes, the suite life, back in the good ol' days.

This is way to true!!