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  • Boris Shoykhet

    Facebook's rise never ceases to amaze us- from a net income of $229 million in 2009 to a cool $1 billion last year, as illustrated in our latest infographic. Among other things, we look at the number of active Facebook users around the globe (Asia has the most users, but the U.S. has the largest penetration per population), what they actually do on Facebook (like uploading 250 million photos a day), the games they like to play, and some interesting facts from Facebook's recent IPO filing.

  • Design Infographics

    #SocialMedia #Infographics - Facebook 2012: The Latest on Everybody's Favorite Social Network

  • vladi

    Social Media Infographic: Facebook 2012

  • AliveNow Inc

    INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Facts and Figures 2012! #Infographic #Facebook2012

  • Jamon Sellman

    #Facebook 2012. The Latest on Everybody's Favorite #SocialNetwork.

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