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Money Saving Mom®from Money Saving Mom®

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Homemade Protein Bars

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Homemade Protein Bars by moneysavingmom: I substituted almond meal for oatmeal & almond butter for peanut butter & used coconut oil. They are really yummy and a nice little bar on the go! Might try using chocolate pieces into the mix instead of doing a chocolate top. Enjoy :)

Money Saving Mom®from Money Saving Mom®

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Homemade Protein Bars -- the best recipe I've ever tried! So much cheaper than paying for pre-made bars!

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Biggest Loser Sweet Potato No-Skins. Awesome! Sweet potatoes are about to be my new BFF.. Best food friend.

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Easiest breakfast ever! 1/4 cup oats, 1 egg, 1 tsp brown sugar, handful blueberries, splash of milk, dash cinnamon. Mix it all up. Stick in coffee mug in microwave for 2 minutes.

Nature Moms Blogfrom Nature Moms Blog

10 New Ways to Cook Quinoa » Nature Moms

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10 ways to cook quinoa. has more protein per ounce than meat.

Skinny Ms.from Skinny Ms.

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No-Bake Workout Bars Recipe made with whole food ingredients! #nobake #workoutbars #proteinbars

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quinoa granola bars.

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"Fridge fudge" with coconut oil and nut butter

Shape Magazinefrom Shape Magazine

10 New Ways to Eat Quinoa

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The Kitchnfrom The Kitchn

How To Make 3-Ingredient Energy Bars at Home

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How to Make Your Own Power Bars at Home by apartmenttherapy: 3 ingredients! You'll never need to buy them again. #Power_Bars #Easy

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A bowl of black bean, sweet potato, and quinoa chili will keep you full and satisfied, while also delivering some major protein.

POPSUGAR Fitnessfrom POPSUGAR Fitness

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Fitness Magazinefrom Fitness Magazine

7 Fat-Fighting Dinners

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POPSUGAR Fitnessfrom POPSUGAR Fitness

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Healthy Recipe: Quinoa Pancakes ... quinoa is amazing

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