When people who don't have kids talk about what they would do... One person comes to mind. Can't wait till she actually has a kid. I will laugh and laugh.

hate those days

Looks like my F*CK IT file is going to be full today. lmao, lol, #ecard, #funny, humor, joke, work sucks

oh so true!

Sometimes, it's true!

How do these e cards find me?? Hahahahahaha


Hahaha so true!

How I feel at work somedays

sooo funny & true ;)

Looks like it's fuck this shit o'clock. Hell week

Sad, but oh so true.

#meme #ecard #college #school @Celine Parietti YEPPPPP! lol

Work life

Some days I actually thinks this.

It's true!

So true!

Tomorrow's forecast.

Kill 'em with kindness.

I'm playing that game where floor is made of lava so obviously I can't get out of bed or I'll die