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    Making nature your gardening partner is essential, even though sometimes, inevitably, it will be your adversary. Follow our strategies to prevent and resolve the garden problems that may pop up.
    February 2, 2011


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    I already use milk cartons, but this is a neat rack. After transplanting the seedlings, you can turn the milk cartons upright and use to protect from late frosts.

    27 Medicinal plants worth putting in your garden

    use pinecones in the bottom of a pot - makes them much lighter, better draining (And compostable at the end of the year! I hate separating rocks from a dead plant)

    plastic bottle as mini greenhouse: clever

    Plant lemon seeds from your lemons! Lemon leaves smell so good. Awesome for kitchen, bathroom, or any place in the house.

    10 Perennials Easily Grown from Seed

    Aquacorner Raised Bed Soaker Systems (drip irrigation plus raised bed corner in one)

    Easy plant propagation: leaf cuttings

    Attach short pieces of hose or plastic tubing to the metal rake, counting the tines so that the hoses are spaced equally. As you drag the rake across the prepared soil, you have an instant planting grid and row markers...

    wine cork seed markers

    How to make new rose, lavender, and rosemary plants from cuttings & mini-greenhouses. Some plants, like willow, make their own rooting hormones. If you soak willow branch cuttings in water, that infusion encourages rooting as much as expensive root hormone powder does.

    Epsom Salt is Magnesium Sulfate... Helps to produce bushier plants, produce more flowers, and deter pests. Great for the garden!

    nice view of roots... bulbs in mason jars

    Quick seedling cover - Don’t find another veggie plant that’s been nibbled away! With this easy netting system, you’ll stop critters from devouring or digging up your seedlings... ♥ ♥ ♥

    I always plant flowers with my vegetable garden. Here is a good list of flowers you might want to plant in with your veggies and why.

    Cucumber Trellis - Large | Powder Coated Steel | Gardener's Supply