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Rainbow Gelatin Snack Recipe
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Rainbow Gelatin Orange Wedges - a neat twist especially if you opt to make them into jello shot wedges.

Rainbow Gelatin Orange Wedges- definitely want to try this somtime for a future party! I plan on adding a little vodka into the mix, too ;

Jello in orange. Cut orange in half. Scoop out the orange. Fill the half bowls with Jello. Cut in slices.

Rainbow Gelatin Orange Wedges- so cute! And with alcohol, would be even better!

Rainbow Gelatin Snack Recipe

gelatina de colores

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Candy Corn Jello Shots :: Make these treats with or without alcohol for your Fall or Halloween Party. Recipe on #Recipes, #JelloShots

Candy Corn Jello Shots

CANDY CORN JELLO SHOTS -- Make these fun Jello Shots with or without alcohol! Both recipes available! Layer the colors to look like candy corn! It's a fun Fall treat! (dessert ideas for party shot glasses)

Pura azúcar que encanta!!

Double Rainbow Cake Jello Shot

Double Rainbow Cake Jelly Shot Recipe - Tablespoon I think I'm too old for jello shots, but these kind of make me want one anyway.

Jello Shots For A Wedding — Wedding Ideas, Wedding Trends, and Wedding Galleries

Rainbow Cherry Jigglers (Non alcoholic - Pineapple juice, white cranberry cocktail, soda, rainbow maraschino cherries).make alcohol version!

Rainbow Jello Cups | a fun treat to make & serve for a side dish, snack or dessert! #stpatricksday #rainbow

Rainbow Jello Cups | a fun treat to make & serve for a side dish, snack or dessert! #stpatricksday #rainbow

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Jelly oranges with rainbow flair

Rainbow Gelatin Orange Wedges (use sugar free jello; in the comments people suggested using Jello Jigglers recipe)

So we tried apples... and guess what? YUM. Especially with my caramel flavored butterscotch schnapps jello. (If you wanted something with a little bit more alcohol content you could always try them out with Van Gogh Dutch Caramel Vodka instead of butterscotch schnapps) Shopping List (makes about 40 slices/shots) 10 small granny smith apples 1 envelope knox gelatin 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup coconut milk 2 drops yellow food coloring 1 envelope Land o Lakes caramel hot chocolate (Regular would do

10 Creative Ways To Serve Jello Shots

Caramel Apple Jello Shot (w/real apples). Not sure about Jello shots, but maybe Jigglers for the grandkids. Bit of a change in the recipe. Jello shots for the adult kids, though!

15 receitas para receber seus amigos em casa

15 receitas para receber seus amigos em casa

Marque aqui o anfitrião do próximo encontrinho.

Gelatina colorida

Broken Glass Jello Recipe~ jello and condensed milk- yum! Great treat for lesson on stained glass

12 Holiday Jello Shots to Lift Your Spirits | Yummly

staceless: peetypassion: MISTLETOE JELLO SHOTS Ingredients Lime jello 1 cup water cup Apple Pucker cup Absolut Vodka Whole mint leaves Red Hots or red candies Whipped cream

Mmmmm! Exciting. Jello shots, here I come.

Jello Shots: Cut an orange (lemon or lime) in Half & gut it. Mix Jello shot cup hot water,box o cup various liquors) stir til dissolved .Add Jello mix Jello mix to half shell & refrig for 3 hrs. Or more : Once solid ,slice & serve

Rainbow Gelatin Snack Recipe

Rainbow Gelatin Orange Wedges

4.5 hours
Gluten free, Paleo ∙ Serves 54
  • 9 Oranges, small to medium
  • 6 (3 oz) boxes Gelatin
  • 1 Water to make gelatin

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