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Pruning Red Raspberries - thinning is the secret to healthier plants and bigger, sweeter berries.

For my third article in our series on pruning fruit bushes I’m tackling raspberries and blackberries (for other fruit bushes see the links to Part 1 and Part 2 at the end of this article). It’s just great to find plants such as these that can be classed together. Immediately you know what to do with two plants instead of one, even though they might at first appear completely different.

how to prune raspberries & blackberries to get the best crop yield

Illustrated diagram showing how to prune hydrangeas #garden #gardening #hydrangea

Pruning Lilacs...and the best time to do it is just as the flowers finish up. Wait any longer and you are affecting next years blooms.

Pruning Hydrangeas - Fine Gardening Article

Pruning Peach Trees: Tutorial on Pruning Dwarf & Regular Peach Trees | The Gardening Experts

For those of you who haven't pruned your roses yet.