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Cardboard boxes for Raised Garden Beds

How to install and build raised bed gardens

How to layer your raised bed for your garden.

Raised Bed Ideas

When To Plant Vegetables ! Free Printable Guide ! An Amazing Resource !

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Gardening for Dummies: What Plants Should I Plant Together? | Budget Savvy Diva

Urban Farm Mag - bad companion plants / for the garden.

Great for raised beds or pots. Beds 3-4 feet wide, length is as long as you want. Can use: newspaper 1/2 inch, old straw, leaves, old hay, potting mix or compost, manure, at least a foot deep.

Raise Bed tip: Line your raised bed with chicken wire to keep out gophers and moles!

Raised bed gardening layouts

Plant-A-Grams: Beginners garden plan, canning garden, salad garden, northern cool garden, etc -- Check out my website now ---

Great space

Companion planting for your garden

I really like the screen design for these raised beds. You gotta keep out those critters...

Raised Garden Beds

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Grow a Kitchen Garden! Let the kids help in growing, harvesting, and finally cooking!

Here's a simple technique that will give you sweeter, crisper winter vegetables than any you can buy at the store. This method takes advantage of the fact that some vegetables can survive freezing temps & remain fresh, even when buried under a blanket of snow. You can store carrots, beets, parsnips, turnips, celery, rutabagas, cabbages, leeks, kale, & spinach in the garden through winter by using this mulching technique.

How to Build Raised Bed Covers