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This is #1 on my plant wish list for 2012! Polyantha Rose, Shrub Rose 'The Fairy' Rosa More bloom and more color with less work than any other rose in the world. Rated excellent by the American Rose Society, this is the perfect rose for home gardeners - needs almost no care and is unsurpassed for vigor, spreading growth, perfect health, hardiness and super ability to produce an abundance of charming pink roses! Enjoy hundreds of double blooms from spring all through summer and fall. Each pl...

Weigela, can be grown as an informal hedge, butterfly and bee attracting plant.

Azalea bushes thrive under the partial, filtered shade of pine, hickory and Oak, along with companion dogwood trees and camellia shrubs. Azalea plants prefer grown in partial shade, and when planted next to buildings, the north side offers protection from cold damage. The flowers of the azalea plant last longer in filtered pine tree shade because of the cooling effect.