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    • Aubrey Clyde

      sacrifice v. investment. A good quote to remember and live by!

    • Beth Oxler

      life quote for my children.

    • Jeni Romney

      i need to remember this quote each day!

    • Mialee Schmeltzer

      Can hold true in so many different aspects. My first thought was my children. But then realized that even in marriage, there are sacrifices now that will someday be the investment needed in the future.

    • Brenda Edgel

      This is how I feel when I joined the church. At first it seemed so hard to go to church for 3 hours, live the word of wisdom but it is the best investment...

    • Renae Christine

      You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove isntead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make. Gordon B. Hinkley. Pinterest Inspirational quotes, inspirational quote. Connect and get freebies and discounts for work at home moms and work at home mom businesses. Blog - richmombusiness.com

    • Ariel Peatee

      Like the quote, need to keep it in mind that the now, is for the amazing future you have been working toward.....describes Law school and our sacrifice along with my grad school

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