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Mace:) it's pink AND it looks like a gun! Perfect for us college girls!

"Mace Pepper Spray Gun in Pink". Pretty sure mace is illegal in my state, so pepper spray it is

Monogram Tiffany Blue Pistol

Tiffany Blue & Titanium Pearl Glock It's monogrammed! What more could a girl ask for? Usually I'm anti pretty fire arms. But for a glock I can get behind it.

iPhone case that prints polaroids!... if someone wanted to buy me this for Christmas, I wouldn't say no.

The Sophie is another concept from the venerable Mac Funamizu. The iPhone dock/case prints photos just like a Polaroid. A QR code and geo tagged map

Cuisinart: Jeweled Light Pink Toaster

So sparkly & pink! I want this toaster. Think Barbie would love this toaster !

It's a freakin hairdryer !

There was a time when people thought that a hairdryer in the shape of a gun was a good idea. This 357 Magnum gun hair dryer is by Jerdon industries.

women and gun ownership, I like everything about this aside from the hunting part.

An infographic about Girls and their Guns, the rise of firearms ownership among the female population. The rise of women carrying concealed weapons.

Mini 2 in 1 Charger Kit (US Standard USB Power Adapter   USB Cable) for iPhone 4/4S/3GS/3G (Pink). This website has tons of cheap stuff. This is only $1.89!

Mini 2 in 1 Charger Kit (US Standard USB Power Adapter USB Cable) for iPhone (Pink). Many different colors! Would make awesome stocking stuffer.

Concealed Carry Hip Hugger Holster for Women by CanCanConcealment, $54.00   AWWW YEAH! @Tori Sdao Lumbatis

Hip Hugger Classic - Women's Concealed Carry Holster

Concealed Carry Hip Hugger Holster for Women by Can Can Concealment. Yep, going on my "Fashion" board.

All Things Pink !!  Some things should maybe not be pink---like beer! I don't know if this is real or not.

I would LOVE to have a whole case of pink Bud Light! :) I wouldn't even drink it because I don't like beer, but you bet your ass I'd keep it because it's pink!

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"Anything is possible with PINK, and a little bit of SPARKLE" :) me in a quote 💕