Great video for hooded and droopy eyes.  Many tips and tricks.  Video is quite long but worth watching if you struggle with this eye shape.

Why am I only just now figuring this out? When you have a hooded eye, you have to do your make-up (eye shadow, eye liner, etc. HOODED , DROOPY EYES - my makeup tips and tricks

".Bows and Curtseys...Mad About Makeup.": Lucid Love

Bows and Curtseys.Mad About Makeup: Lucid Love - neutral smokey eye with electric blue on the waterline

DIY make-up - naked

beautiful smokey eyes with a twist, the dark inner corners and highlighted mid-lid gives the illusion of bigger brighter eyes, mascara and false lashes, golden pigments used on black base to enhance the look Needs less color on the eyebrow thoughXD

Inner Corner: Crystal Avalanche MAC {White frost}  Front Lid: Mylar MAC {Cream hue}  Outer Corner: Handwritten MAC {Dark brown black}  Blending color: Copperplate MAC {Muted gray brown}  Top Eyeliner: NYX gel liner with BB Angled brush  Bottom Eyeliner: Dior waterproof eyeliner  Smudge Shadow: Copperplate MAC^ {Apply to bottom liner for blending}

Bridal beauty: bold wedding makeup ideas for daring brides

Eye MakeUp Tips:Smokey Eye Makeup Guide Step Choose your eye shadow colours. The traditional smokey eye makeup colours are, of course, black or grey.

The Best Makeup for Your Eye Shape   | Daily Makeover

The Best Makeup for Your Eye Shape

Hooded Lids"A soft smoky eye is perfect for this shape. Stick to eye shadows that are matte and use products like MAC Cosmetics Paint Pots as a base to keep shadow in place and prevent fading.