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Barbados - horses really do swim in the water! (They're smart! It's hotter 'n blazes and the water is glorious)

... and I will be there... with Valérie Patry!!! :) Barbados

Barbados Beaches - I love Barbados, what's not to love - beautiful water, pristine beaches and great people and delicious food! I want to go back!

Barbados is an island situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela and east of the Windward Island chain.

Barbados - horses. We saw this when having breakfast in our hotel when in Barbados before. We'd never seen horses in the sea before and my mum FREAKED thinking they were drowning haha.

Crane Beach,Barbados Click on the picture for full list of Top 10 Bajan Dishes and where to Find Them in Barbados!

Santa Helena Island - An island of volcanic origin in the South Atlantic Ocean (the place of detention of Napoleon Bonaparte)...