human spine and skull

The Barnes - Black Resin Buffalo/Bison Skull Head- White Faux Taxidermy- Chic & Trendy. $64,99, via Etsy.

I like the relative size of antlers to head, since the focus is on antlers. Also the triangle. I'm not sure if I like how straight-on this image is, though.

la calavera

This image is a disorder which fits into my theme of people. It show the inner truth on the inside on one half of the face and shows that the face beautiful or not is just a mask to whats inside.

Beautiful in life and in death. An elk skeleton. This photo was taken in the summer of 2010 in Colorado, right outside of a friends Cabin.

Black Gold Leaf Deer Skull Wall Decor Art OOAK by MyrandaE on Etsy

painted deer skulls | Artistic Painted Deer Skull

animal skull | Tumblr

Custom Painted Buck Skull for Comission by Okaysion on Etsy

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Illustration/Painting/Drawing inspiration

Skull smoke #design #inked #soul

***I love this idea for a tattoo, but w/fuschias, african violets, in color. W/the flowers bigger, and not so busy. Yeah, maybe throw in any 2-3 of: butterfly, dragonfly. bumblebee, spider and/or ladybug. :-) This would be my memorial tattoo for both of my grandmothers.***


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