Pavlovskaya chickens | Greenfire Farms raises some of the rarest poultry breeds in the world ...


Check out this article from GRIT Magazine about heritage breeds! ----Heritage Breeds Can Be the Best Egg Laying Chickens. Rare domesticated animals need engaged stewards to survive. Raise heritage chickens and you’ll find some of the best egg laying chickens around.

Wyandottes - They are a fantastic layer, child friendly and docile. Very similar to the Orpington in terms of personality but more 'bomb proof' There are many varieties and all of them make an extremely attractive bird. Calm,Friendly and docile, easy to handle and child-friendly, ideal backyard bird, a real pleasure to own. Equally happy foraging outside or in confinement.

Golden laced beauties

Rare chicken breeds

Raising Turkeys on the Backyard Farm - breeds, ordering or buying chicks, feeding and raising homegrown turkeys.

Chickens in rustic doorway, Provence, France

Raising backyard chickens.

♥ really need a farm....


Beautiful heritage breed of chickens


Maylay's and Shamo's are generaly considered to be the biggest and tallest of all chicken breeds.

Tolbunt Polish Chicken-when I win the lottery these are the chickens I'm buying!

20 Cold-Hardy Chicken Breeds

Polish Chicken


Cute! This is my favorite kind of chicken! It's called a, "Dominique." It lays large brown eggs and is supposed to be very docile and nurturing in its personality. Check it:

This is a Wyandotte hen with chick. This breed comes in many color combinations - this being my personal favorite.#Favorite