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He sees you when you're sleeping... ( nome / creepy photography / vintage photography / scary / wield / strange vintage photo )

Weird Trippy Pictures 16 Strange Photos From The Past That Are Guaranteed To Creep You Out 31 - Salvia and Kratom

. This looks extremely strange -- It seems to be an Oddity on a freak show post card. They stopped having Freak Shows in the early 1960s or so out of conscience.

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During the Victorian period, photography was becoming popular, and many people took pictures of themselves with dead relatives so they'd have photos of them. Nice sentiment, but very creepy.

Vintage Ventriloquist Doll / Retro Photograph / Black White Photo / Vintage Dress / Creepy Strange Weird Photography )



Such a trip..

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50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos

Not even sure how to describe this.