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glassybaby | blog post by Lee Woodruff - great story on Lee Rhodes, founder of glassybaby.

These days the economy and employment is a huge concern for many. Being unemployment is not an easy time for anyone and can lead to filing personal bankruptcy and maybe even losing your possessions.

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School librarians have much more on their plates than just managing books, often spending a great deal of time educating students and teachers, learning about and implementing new technology, and reading up on the latest new releases for young adults and children.

Coś niedobrego dzieje się w Krainie Apple. Dwa lata temu Amerykanin, który opublikowałby takie bluźnierstwo, pewnie by wylądował na stosie, albo przynajmniej został wykluczony z "towarzystwa". Dziś zdaża się to coraz częściej... Ech, o tempora, o mores, o k....

Did you know that senior internet usage is on the rise?

Beyond Marketing: The Organizational Impact of a Social Signal [INFOGRAPHIC]

It took radio 38 years to reach 50 Million users, while it took the iPhone 2 only 2 years to reach that figure. In 2011 around $1 Billion was spent in mobile advertising, analysts expect it to be $4 Billion in 2015. Times are changing, over 50% of all purchases are preceded by internet search.

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