"Gilligan's Island" is one of those shows from the 60s that you either loved or hated, but everybody knew the theme song. It's show's creator, "Sherwood Shwartz also created a great 60s sitcom "The Brady Bunch"

ginger or mary ann?

"A horse is a horse, of course of course, and no one can talk to a horse of course, that is of course, unless the horse, Is the famous Mister Ed!" - hahaha now I have it stuck in my head :o)

Captain Kangaroo~what child from the '50's didn't grow-up with this man? He was our Sesame Street, or even Barney!

F-Troop - So many classic scenes and lines from this one!

gilligans island

Gilligan's Island

The Coneheads - Saturday Night Live Jane Curtain and Dan Ackyroid

Loved these guys


Gilligans Island

Gilligan's island, anyone else ever watch the re-runs on the stations that play the old TV shows?


Gilligan's Island.. I'm so in love with Gilligan. Don't ask me why

Scooby doo.

Fantasy Island

The Six Million Dollar Man

i dream of genie

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