"Gilligan's Island" is one of those shows from the 60s that you either loved or hated, but everybody knew the theme song. It's show's creator, "Sherwood Shwartz also created a great 60s sitcom "The Brady Bunch"

ginger or mary ann?

Gilligan's Island

"A horse is a horse, of course of course, and no one can talk to a horse of course, that is of course, unless the horse, Is the famous Mister Ed!" - hahaha now I have it stuck in my head :o)

F-Troop - So many classic scenes and lines from this one!

Captain Kangaroo~what child from the '50's didn't grow-up with this man? He was our Sesame Street, or even Barney!


The Coneheads - Saturday Night Live Jane Curtain and Dan Ackyroid

Gilligan's island, anyone else ever watch the re-runs on the stations that play the old TV shows?

gilligans island


Gilligan's Island.. I'm so in love with Gilligan. Don't ask me why

My Favorite Martian. 1963 - 1966

Fantasy Island

Mork and Mindy...ran from 1978-1982...Belinda


clarissa explains it all. loved that show.

Donny and Marie...oh how I LOVED Donny!!! lol

Gilligan's Island one of my favorite shows ever

Ah, Mrs. Beasley