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Beautiful. Share your thoughts about the Autumn season here: e

What a great walk this would be.

"Autumn Solitude" by Vincent Brassinne

foliage.. wish I could turn this into a large transparency and use it as a lamp shade. how fantastic would this look reflecting across your walls?

autumn - too bad the leaves haven't changed color for fall in texas yet so i can check this off my fall photography checklist...

What a stunning way to decorate a storefront for autumn!

when I was young we harvested apples, put them into a press, and made cider, and then made applebutter at home; simmering it on the stove for hours. The smell was divine. Such a wonderful thing to do to capture the spirit of autumn.

if I restore an old barn, I think it's going to need to be on a pond.

"'cos when she sings, i hear a symphony, and im swallowed in sound as it echoes through me, i'm RENEWED, oh how i feel ALIVE and through autumn's advancing, WE'LL STAY YOUNG GO DANCING"