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color bug - hair dye that goes on over top of your product and comes out in one wash - like makeup for your hair!


blonde on top red underneath | Awesome long straight hair with blonde on top and red underneath, when ...


Universalist Multi-Stick

Bordeaux lip // fall look.


temporary "dye" with chalk pastels. 1. Wet your hair where you want the color to be. 2. Twist your hair and stroke with a soft pastel (like the chalky kind you create art with.) 3. Let hair dry and run a brush through the hair to remove excess chalk. 4. Style your hair in a way where it will not move a lot. It is best to braid your hair or pin it up in a bun to save your clothes from forming into the color of your hair. (or wear black, then you can wear your hair down)

1. buy chalk pastels 2. wet hand 3. rub, in circular motion, a piece of hair on a pastel 4. flat iron colored piece of hair. 5. hair spray hair (keeps color in until next wash) 6. wait for flat iron to cool then wipe of chalk w/ a baby wipe


Pravana Wild Orchid. THIS is what i wanted in my hair bug the dang stuff turned out PINK! dumb