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One of the major challenges facing veterans is homelessness, who are twice as likely to become chronically homeless as other Americans. This is due, in part, to veterans’ heightened risk of unemployment, foreclosure and poverty.

Statistics on homelessness in the United States. Families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population, making up of homeless Americans.

Good to know while watching JAG and NCIS. See this infographic from Veterans United Home Loans on military rankings for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines.

Psychology infographic & Advice Broke and Broken? The Psychological Effects of Poverty Infographic. Image Description Broke and Broken? The Psychological

If You Told Me I'd Be Fascinated By A Comic About Being Poor, I Would Have Thought You Were Drunk

Homeless in america persuasive essay Homelessness in US. Search this. Informational Research Essay. PSA, only some dramatic changes to homelessness in America.

Rethink Homelessness

Funny pictures about Rethink Homelessness. Oh, and cool pics about Rethink Homelessness. Also, Rethink Homelessness photos.

Homeless youth, a global issue. Without adequate life skills at-risk youth have difficulty adjusting on their own and often end up unemployed, homeless, and potentially living a life

Illinois' affordable housing shortage by the numbers. Martina what do you think about this visual representation of availability?

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Pay attention to everyone! Displaying the Flag ~ Proper American Flag Etiquette. The dos and don'ts of how to properly display the American flag

How Do We Know about America's Veterans? Check out this new infographic, which provides a snapshot of our nation's veteran population.

This infographic from the Homeless Hub’s report A Safe and Decent Place to Live: Towards a Housing First Framework for Youth outlines the adaption of Housing First principles to youth-centred programs and services in order to prevent youth homelessness.

Who Receives 'Food Stamps'? And Why It Is Critical To Continue Their Support

Slightly outdated but still valid. Who Receives 'Food Stamps'? infographic by the the California Food & Justice Coalition