Grade 6-8 Life Science Anatomy Human Body Organ Systems Foldable 1. Skeletal System (Bones) 2. Integumentary System (Hair & Skin) 3. Muscular System 4. Circulatory System 5. Respiratory System 6. Digestive System 7. Excretory System 8. Immune System 9. Reproductive System 10. Nervous System 11. Endocrine System Template & Directions here: www.teacherspayte... (FREE!)

Want to know how the blood travels through out your body? These circulatory system worksheets will teach you all about how your body works.

Human body Systems foldable - have your child color before you cut out. Fold as a paper doll or cut out each and layer, attaching at the top with a staple.

What-is-blood-made-of-A-hands-on-science-demonstration...Plus many more!!!!

Human Body 11 Organ Systems Foldable

Circulatory System Lesson Any way to get students to understand something that is difficult to understand is always effective. 3365 C3 W8

Self-made digestive system apron

See your heartbeat! This would be awesome for a body science unit.

DIY Lung Model - I like that this model uses two balloons instead of just one.

Circulation game. EXACTLY what I was looking for. PDF of this game is free

systems folding book

I really like all of these ideas for learning about the heart because they can be used for many ages. Some of the younger children may find the model of the house representing the heart easier to understand and more relatable. School age children may find the actual heart and body activities as more of a challenge and enjoyable project. This can help children going through something cardiac related understand procedures or problems occurring.

Digestive system in a bag, human body activity. Fun activity for Apologia Anatomy & Pusiology

Runde's Room: A Little Bit of Blood and Gore ... Making Blood Models for Studying the Human Body

Life Science for 7th grade study hall. Would be neat to have one of these in the classroom for them to study with! Make a plant cell too.

Human Body Science for Kids. How to make a model of blood with ingredients from the kitchen. #handsonscience

Teach angles using your body!

The Human Body--11 Organ Systems Foldable (free downloadable template)

Closure activity: 3-2-1 I'm stealing this! exit slip

Model of the heart from Easy Make & Learn Projects: Human Body (Grades 2-4) book

This 160 page scrapbook can also be used as a unique way to take notes for classes or projects, especially useful for visual learners! The block style layout is a great way to keep all your notes for class super organized.