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  • Brittany Cromar

    Don't Carpe Diem! by momastery. When older women tell you to "enjoy" parenting your young children because it goes so fast, does it give you one more thing to feel guilty about? Do you think, "Not only am I not a good enough mom, I'm also not enjoying it enough!"? If so, this post is for you!

  • Jill Hart

    Join us Nov 7, 2012 for a conference call on time management tips, click the link for details

  • Sanja Harvey

    Great mom blog! This entry: "Don't Carpe Diem"

  • Lori Lamb

    Don’t Carpe Diem - a blog post about how it's okay not to love every second of being a parent. I really like her description of Kairos vs. Chronos time and am trying to make more of a point of recognizing the Kairos moments when they happen.

  • monika meulman

    time flies in the hand

  • Kristi Lindgren

    "Don't Carpe Diem" This is a great post on being a mom.

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