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  • Katie Christensen

    this still makes me laugh every time..maybe not because of any relationships i've had but i know ALOT of people who insist they must have been.

  • Emilie McCormick-Aliamus

    bahahaha funny how these things are so true! Yup. And yup.

  • Michael DuBeau

    funny humor with sayings | Funny Quotes: Funny Jokes And Quotes About Life Love Birthday Sayings ...

  • Cassie Whitaker

    I'm sorry but this too funny - and so true!

  • ❤Kawaii Love❤

    ❤Kawaii Love❤ ~Cute Drugs Drunk Ex Friends Funny Joke Love Nice Photography Quote Quotes Relation Relationship Ship Text Typography Word Words - PicShip #talktala #relationshipquote

  • Torri Dement

    Funny stuff!!

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I dont care if youre trying to be cool its called logic<<<<<---- im sorry for the language but theyre right.

This is so my cat! lol Except, she would be the supplier, we have a bunch of nip growing under our pines! :o) lol

doing this the next time someone ruins the ending

This is an example of anticipated motion. As you go along with the photos and read the captions, you look back at the characters and you can anticipate their facial expression. *Gasp* The gaws jar!!

Well...I FINALLY finished my last papers of the semester, but this is pretty close to the process I ALWAYS go through. :)

Why don't we just go on Pinterest? *two hours later* "RIGHT! I'm going to work now!" brain: But how about INSTAGRAM *half an hour later* "OKAY. NO PROCRASTINATING!" brain: BUT HOW ABOUT THAT MANGA YOU'RE READING? OR THOSE FANFICTIONS YOU'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF?! *7 PM at night* GOSHDAMNIT WHY CAN'T I JUST FUCKING WORK?!

I don't want to be an adult anymore...

Jack quote, Will and Grace, I don't want to be an adult anymore. This is how I feel sometimes.

Hey guys! Okay so everybody is unfollowing me for some reason? So this may be my last post. People are being so rude and hurtful. I haven't been on in a while because I've been so busy! But I do love you all! Bye for now unless someone can stop me!:(