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I think this is gorgeous! I LOVE the color combination my favorite!

summertime sadness if your lovely into exercise and nice i'll give you a rose or a dozen a week thebarbecuemaster...

“You can never appreciate the scent of a flower by another's description. Some things are left to experience. Journey of self.” ― Truth Devour

OMG... I have no words. Simply beautiful trellis after trellis. The smell must be incredible!

He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.” ~~ Persian Proverb ~~

My cat Buggie the Love Bug adored red roses. I'd get her an organic one and she'd eat the petals like salad! How exotic -- a cat that eats roses :)

Coral Pink Rose... I would love to flood my property with roses. Unfortunately, the mob of a local deer population precludes this dream.