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pão com manteiga

Bread and butter. One of my favorite foods in the world (especially if the bread is whole grains and the butter from Normandy) From Slaughterhouse were served rye bread and butter and salami with cheese and white wine on the flight home.

Baguette kinds, food vocabulary. *Follow me to other food pins* Mmmmmmmmmmm hot & fresh

La baguette è il più caratteristico e tipico pane francese, croccante fuori, .


Great- now I have a desperate yearning for fresh bread and. no fresh bread. I sense a baking session in my future. via Cloud Cuckoo

Rustic baguettes

weather you make your own bread or get it from a bakery. fresh bread is really hard to beat. Come get a loaf of our artisan Gluten-Free Fresh bread in Alpharetta, GA!

Roasted Garlic & Potato Soufflé with Salsa Verde

Soufflé pommes de terre ail - De beaux soufflés bien gonflés - Elle à Table

Roasted Garlic & Potato Soufflé + Salsa Verde, Garlic & Tarragon Seafood Hotpot & Garlic & Thyme Bread … all from Donna Hay

Love this presentation

I'll add a wedge of avocado to this yummy sandwich! Brie, Prosciutto, Arugula and Caramelized Onion Sandwich Recipe

Chutney tomates cerise

I've made a "tomato jam" recipe from someone in the U. and I'm curious to see if there is any difference in overall taste in this "French" Chutney Tomate /via frenchementbon.

"...la terra, la bellezza, l’amore, tutto questo ha sapore di pane." da Ode al Pane - Pablo Neruda

Women for Expo on

As a stylist it's great to see awesome work like this. Agent Bauer 's food stylist Linda Lundgren 's beautiful food styling art is such a jo.