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  • Gloria Todd

    The American President 1995 "This was just delivered by a White House messenger. It's marked perishable." "Relax, I'm sure it's just a formality." "It's from him." "So he had some staff flunky send me a fruit basket." "Well, he wrote a note himself." "I'm sure he didn't take the time to..." "The messenger said he waited in the Oval Office for ten minutes while the president wrote the card." "Ok, listen- it took him 10 minutes to write the card?" Apparently he went through several drafts."

  • Patrick McNally

    The American President-one of my favorite romances, and the pre-cursor to one of my favorite tv shows

  • Cathy Ward

    The American President - GREAT MOVIE!

  • Anita Self

    The American President - one of my all time favorite movies

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