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The last ones true. And you know who you are so if you get on Pinterest please read. -jessi

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This just reminded me of it all so much - as soon as i read the "ocean eyes" part i thought of Abigail Salmon

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the one thing I love the most in guys is when they treat their younger sisters (if they have any) like they're the most precious people in the world.

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M-Power Sports & Fitness Club

Its too bad that you have never known love like this in your life. I was hoping you would believe in us. Yes, its weird starting over cuz of memories and possessions...but you get to create anything you want...

Single and looking for a man who… will ask what I'm thinking about. It tells me you're interested and value my opinions. Via BoysWho on Tumblr. #dating #couple #single #love #relationship #communication

You can only blame yourself for what happened between us. Unfortunately for me, I am really the only one who has to suffer as I lost the closest person I have ever been to in my entire life and I really need my best friend right now.

boys who... <3

boys who... <3

boys who... <3

Boys who are protective over you. (Don't be overprotective though...I have guy friends that I also like to hang out with!) <3