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Night sky over the Indian Ocean

Reunion Island, France/Indian Ocean

Ocean Floor, Australia.

above Manhattan © Scott Witt

Ocean Flower, Maldives


Marina Bay Sands Sky Park In Singapore

Mt. Fuji, Japan

The Bunda Cliffs, Southern Ocean, Australia

Naviglio Grande, Italy.. it's beautiful!

Isla Boracay, Philippines by Andres Peter June Gutierrez on 500px

Aurora Borealis...This is definitely on my bucket list, to go to Alaska and see this in person. So beautiful!

Southern Cross above Phillip Island Looking south from the coast of Phillip Island (140 km south of Melbourne) a bright meteor streaks the sky. The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds stand above the Indian Ocean. Canopus, the second brightest star in the night sky, is notable on the lower right and Achernar is even closer to the horizon on the lower left.


Multnomah falls, Oregon.

The Empire State Building, New York

Vietnam--photo by Bertrand Linet

Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia.

Libo, Guizhou, China

Uluru Waterfalls, Australia

Loy Kratong (Floating Lantern) Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand...on my bucket list!