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  • Carli Texeira

    Lizzie McGuire hahahaha greatest thing ever.

  • Kaylan Sweno

    Shows I love: Lizzie McGuire #disneychannel

  • Eden Whitley

    Lizzie McGuire the princess of awkward moments...

  • Meg Marcum

    omg I remember this episode! it was my favorite show #lizziemcguire

  • Hailey Duncan

    Lizzie McGuire..I vividly remember this moment. This makes me so happy. I miss old Disney shows!

  • Chrissie Forlie

    You know what would be the best present in the world? If I got all of Lizzie McGuire on DVD...I'd watch it every day!!! Or just any Disney channel orginal movie or old series!!!..I REMEMBER THIS EPISODE OMG!

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This article is hilarious. I was the kid that grew up wanting to be Lizzie Mcguire, so I kind of get it...but they were in middle

omg! i was litteraly thinking in my head " i wonder how old that kid is now? and if he's still cute? and if he eats bannas like a monkey?" like ten minutes ago!

Best disney channel series ever of all time.

lizzie mcguire. MY FAVORITE EPISODE with aaron carter

"This is the middle of the night!" Exactly what I think when I wake up to get to school by 630 -.-

God, I miss Lizzie McGuire! #bringitback and hello coach from glee yes yes yes!

Kaitlyn Marie Marie Bleiweiss So I never did ask you what you thought of your "first" time seeing the greatest movie ever ;)

Lizzie McGuire show... this gave me a completely wrong idea of what high school would be like.

sadly, this is the relationship i have with my brother...

miss it! Best show on back then besides smart guy! Now they have all the cheesy shows. They cut off thats so raven then Hannah montanna then wizards of Waverly place. Now they have fish hooks and fund shows. :( I miss my childhood! So sad my kids will have nothing to watch when they get that age.

She used to be our other best friend until she bought a bra. Now she won't speak to us. hahaha