Eye Candy!!!

8 MAC shadows everyone should own

Girl About Town is straight up the best lip colour of all time. Candy Yum Yum is a close second. I should get the rest of these.

Mac eyeshadows

MAC's eyeshadow in Sumptuous Olive, such a gorgeous color on all skin tones! Perfect for a less dramatic smokey eye.

MAC eye shadow

8 mac shadows everyone should own


MAC-Nylon - best browbone highlighter


Neutral Metallic Eye.

M·A·C me over #eyeshadow #Nordstrom


M·A·C 2 Summer Eyeshadows In 1 ✨․լ̰́ӭ̣̍T̺͆'§͈̊․‷ᗰ̲̗a⃞Ƙ̏ɝ͎ ੫̼̊ᖘ̇‴․✨

Love this look

Every eyeshadow neutral you need.


MAC rose gold pigment...beautiful on everyone! I don't even wear eye shadow but I definitely would wear this!

MAC "Sparkle Neely Sparkle" eyeshadow. NEED THIS.