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Step one: take some steel wool and put in a jar and cover with vinegar. Let it sit at least 24 hours, the longer the better. (I expected the vinegar mixture to turn black or something but it didn't.) after 24 hours Step two: make a strong cup of tea. I used Chai. brush the tea on the wood and let dry. Step three: brush on the vinegar mixture.

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The Trick to Making New Wood Look Old and Weathered

This is an easy 4 step process from taking freshly purchased wood from the home store to look like weathered old wood thats been around for ages. All you need is some paint, stain, and sandpaper. Go here to look at the tutorial:

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Age Wood With Vinegar and Steel Wool

I tried this recently with crates and it works very well!!!! How to Age Wood With Vinegar and Steel Wool: 9 Steps -

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how to weather wood by layering paint

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Bermuda Blending - A Furniture Finishing Technique!

Come learn the techniques and products to achieve this beautiful Bermuda Blending Finish! Loooove the Turquoise! {Reality Daydream}

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Small heart, painted {reclaimed wood}

At first polonius and Laertes had a belief that hamlet was just really crazy in love but after hearing him yell at Ophelia they were convinced that he was literally going mad.