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Parallel Lines & Transversals

FREE Parallel Lines with Transversals Extra Practice Worksheet

Parallel Lines Maze

Dance Dance Transversal - love this idea!

Really cool city designer parallel lines and transversals project- rubric explains that Ss need to draw 5 parallel streets and 2 transversal streets. Place a gas station and a restaurant at alternate exterior angles. Place a library and a park at alternate interior angles...

Algebra Solving One and Two Step Equations Mazes FREE

Unit 3: Parallel and Perpendicular Lines ~ Vocabulary parallel lines cut by a transversal - Google Search

Everybody is a Genius: Parallel Lines & Transversals Good notebook page examples

Everybody is a Genius: Angle Pairs

Math Notebook Rules! Love this... would add no markers on lined paper- they bleed.

Mrs. Hester's Classroom : parallel lines and transversals

Line and Angle Geometry Maze Activity- Images included: Acute Angle Complimentary Angle Line Segment Obtuse Angle Parallel Lines Perpendicular Lines Point Ray Right Angle Supplementary Angle

Dinky King - parallel lines and angle relationships

AWESOME Math PROJECT! area of irregular shapes project. Create your own floor plan. Costs of Flooring: tile, vinyl, etc

Everybody is a Genius: Designing Instructions & Foldables

i is a number: Angles Formed by Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal Foldable for Geometry or Middle School Math

The Silver Lining: Monday Made It - She used duct tape and folders to create this - didn't need to buy another pocket chart! I want to doooooo this

Symmetry along a mirror line - Complete the shapes across the lines of symmetry.

Hands-on geometry! You could do this to teach the special angles formed by parallel lines cut by a transversal

Coefficients of Determination: Foldables vs Graphic Organizers....foldable to teach types of angles formed by a transversal