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Tumblr - "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

Be prepared the day of. | 25 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Next Tattoo

"Think about your wedding day when you want to get a tattoo" now this is what I picture. Bad assly stunning.

If i ever get a tatoo it will be an awesome quote like these

geometric flower skull. filled in with color and larger spaces in flower

alice carrier: this could fit in rather well with my existing tattoo! I've been trying to find some roses I like too

The detail on this cameo piece in great, and I love the design (even though I'd never get a chest tattoo).

I don't like chest tattoos. I like the way they come over her shoulders and tie in. Doesn't look trashy at all

(Thats very nice!|There so many options its hard to pick sometimes|I like this one!)