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Look in 40 years

Imagine how stupid you are going to look in 40 years. In 40 years, everyone will think that people who protested gay marriage are just as stupid and biased as peaple who protested interracial marraige 40 years ago.

Wow this is SO sad.

INFOGRAPHIC: Children should have the right to live a happy, healthy life. In some areas, a healthy and happy life is not possible.

No One Is Born Racist

Never Miss a Chance to Make Someone Happy

Children learn racism and hatred from the people in their lives, their culture and their environment. Racism and hatred are learned not inherent. But look at this we live in a racist world x

Hilary Clinton.

"…Being gay is not a western invention. It is a human reality" -Hillary Clinton OS


What Teabagger Signs Say Vs. What They Mean

Tea Party signs translated---the middle sign is hilarious

Transcendentalist believed in equality. They believed everyone was special and that every human had the potential to be like Jesus.

Protest sign: Gay power, black power, women power, student power, all power to the people.

Why Men Need Feminism too (Really, You do!)

honeyonbeez: “ “The thing is, it’s patriarchy that says men are stupid and monolithic and unchanging and incapable. It’s patriarchy that says men have animalistic instincts and just can’t stop.

Steven Colbert's hilarious yet poignant bashing of North Carolina's newly passed Amendment 1.

Colbert "So congratulations, North Carolina." Sometimes I hate my state. But then I remember I just hate how red it is.

best gay rights signs - Google Search

Funny Gay Rights Signs

best gay rights signs - Google Search

Not anyone's business! sorry bout the cuss words but i totally agree

Im pro choice and pro gay marriage. Simply because it is none of my damn business how others choose to live their lives. You don't have to be gay to support gay marriage. I'm not gay, but the prejudice and the intolerance I see sickens me.

Are you familiar with all the women in this graphic?   Thanks to A Mighty Girl for #SharingSmarts! #AmyPoehlerSmartGirls

I truly do hope that a women's history month becomes a thing. So maybe just maybe those who don't see just what we've done can respect us rather than casting us aside in the history books and in life now.

C'mon!  Let's open our eyes!

people complain about gays having the right to get married because they don’t want the “definition” of marriage to change. if the definition of marriage never changed, black people couldn’t marry.


A controversial sign was placed outside Rose City Park United Methodist Church in Portland, Ore., last week reading "God Prefers Kind Atheists Over Hateful Christians," and has attracted a variety of responses to the pastor's message.

sadly, this is completely accurate.... how much does this say about our country and how much you can trust the information they give us???!!!

FOX News- rich people paying rich people to tell middle class people to blame poor people. So true.

Deberia haber esta unión entre las mujeres de todo el mundo, otra cosa sería -

24 Oct Icelandic women went on strike at home & on their jobs. It shut down th entire country. The men could barely cope. Next yr: law equal pay guarantee passed. later: world's woman President. Now: highest gender equality in th world

Conservatives (i.e. "Straight" White Males) - LGBT has something to tell you!

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