Last-Minute Halloween Costumes ...Ill let you guess first.....ok Chicken Cord on Blue - cant stop laughing .

I laughed too hard at this

Made me laugh a little haha

Can't stop laughing.


haha i can't stop laughing.

Level of awesomeness: Epic. How many costumes allow parents to make their kid a leash kid and still be the coolest costume ever?

I laughed way more than I should have.

When you ask your brother to pick you up…I just laughed for a full five minutes....

I can't stop laughing

Just for laughs

I may have laughed a little too hard!

Awesome Halloween Costume

Laughed far too much at this.

next Halloween costume!!!

i'm still laughing

I laughed so hard.

I laughed

Can't stop laughing!

it took me a minute but once I got I laughed out loud lmao

Made me laugh