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    Can't. Stop. Laughing. - Tell me this wouldn't be the best halloween costume. Looks like something my brother would do. Haha

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    Procrastinators May Take Few Ideas


    I just laughed for like 3 minutes!!!

    i just spent the last ten minutes doing this and laughing every single time

    Level of awesomeness: Epic. How many costumes allow parents to make their kid a leash kid and still be the coolest costume ever?

    The time she showed how clever she was: | 21 Questions Siri Answered Absolutely Perfectly

    You cannot look at this and not laugh.

    This is so funny!

    cool idea for a costume party

    This made me laugh harder than it should have...

    I just laughed so hard lol

    Just for laughs

    I just laughed for 10 minutes.

    Can't stop laughing.

    OMG! I can't stop laughing!!!!

    When you ask your brother to pick you up…I just laughed for a full five minutes....

    Hahahaha I love puns!

    I laughed too hard at this