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Page-turner, gothic mystery!


5 of the Best Horror Books to Make You Love Being Afraid

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Fancy yourself a horror fan? Want to try a scary read? Here are 5 books you should pick up.


The 101 Books Students Should Read Before College: Today in Critical Linking

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Critical Linking is sponsored today by Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner. Parents and educators should preview books to make sure they are at the appropri

Hojo's Teaching Adventuresfrom Hojo's Teaching Adventures

Reading "Musical" Chairs

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Want your students to try out a variety of genres? Then try out "Reading Musical Chairs"! This is a great activity to do in your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade classroom. It's perfect for those "off" days where students aren't really ready to pay full attention due to testing, holidays, an assembly, or something else putting the schedule "off". Click through to see how awesome this is! It's also great for a fun literacy center every once in awhile! Entertainmentfrom Entertainment

'The Shack' by William P. Young - Book Review

Shack William

Tragedy Confronts

Confronts Eternity

Wm Paul

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The Shack by William P Young -Originally self-published as a fictional faith memoir of sorts for his children, this book has made it to the bestseller's lists. Mr. Young makes you look at your brokenness and God's goodness from a new angle...

Fun in Room 4Bfrom Fun in Room 4B

Book Clubs Have Begun :)

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I really want to try this!! How to run book clubs in the classroom....I think I could actually handle this :)

Saving with Shellie™from Saving with Shellie™

15 Books to Read Before They Hit Theaters in 2015

Roth Spiegelman

Margo Roth


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A great story about teen adolescence, chasing something worthwhile, and trying to find your place in the world.

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Breathe Susan

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If you like Nicholas Sparks try: Just Breathe by Susan Wiggs

Modern Mrs. Darcyfrom Modern Mrs. Darcy

Books worth binge-reading

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Are you so exhausted at night you just want to crash and watch a few episodes of your show? Try binge-reading instead, with this list of great books to get you started.


Around the World in 80 Books: A Global Reading List

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80 Books from 80 Countries Around the World! Looking to read more diversely? Try this list for some ideas.

Walton Georgia

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Falling Home Karen White. Good book. Now I trying to read all of her books.

What Do We Do All Dayfrom What Do We Do All Day

Over 50 Chapter Books for Preschoolers and 3 Year Olds

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Is your preschooler ready for a chapter book? Try one of these.


Your Favorites: 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels

Nazi Germany

Germany Death

Torn Germany

Germany Story

Occupied Germany

Munich Germany

Nazi Occupied

Thief Germany

Germany Loved

I've read a lot of these... I blame my own YA weirdness, when I skipped from reading Judy Blume to Stephen King. Making up for lost time. Interesting to me how many of these are fantasy...

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Encouragement Francine

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5 Books in "sons of Encouragement" - I have read 3, will try to find time for the other 2 during the Holidays. Great stuff. (Of course, that goes without saying since Francine Rivers is the author!)

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african american books for children | 101 African-American Read-Aloud Stories: Ten-Minute Readings from the ...

Rising Kate

Rising Free

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The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo


Free Audio Books and Why You Should Try Them

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Free Audio Books and Why You Should Try Them | listening & reading: a multi-sensory approach to reading that works | me, for @Scholastic

Wildflower Ramblingsfrom Wildflower Ramblings

preschool books for the letter d

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Letter Dd

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preschool books for the letter d - Wildflower Ramblings

Brain Power Boyfrom Brain Power Boy

9 Thrilling Book Series that Teen Boys Won't be able to Put Down

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Looking for books for your teen boy? Look no further! Try these thrilling book series for teen boys that they won't be able to stop reading.

The Penny Hoarderfrom The Penny Hoarder

How to Make $750 a Month Selling Used Books

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How to make money buying used books on ebay and then selling them to a buy back program...I think I'm going to try this!

The Huffington Postfrom The Huffington Post

Can You Solve These 9 Riddles From Literature?

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Austen S Emma

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Anything by Jane Austen is great. She created a whole writing style. She's legendary.