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Hey girl - love this one! And I know my husband won't mind me liking this cuz he knows I think he's much hotter than this guy...

ryan gosling teacher meme | Teaching is hard. Hey girl, Everything will be alright. Ryan Gosling ...

Butterfly Tradefrom Butterfly Trade

I Am A Writer Mug

And you can freak out and go all manchild spazzy and call me "trash of trash," and I'll just roll my eyes and thank God I didn't end up with you LOL #writers #write

hey girl meme teacher | Teacher Ryan Gosling - hey girl saturday well rearrange your classroom ...

Hey Girl - you have the highest tolerance for organized chaos of anyone I know. My life right now!!!

CafePressfrom CafePress

For Teachers - Organic Women's Fitted T-Shirt (dark)

Definitely need this!