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These SEAL candidates are doing Qualification Training. In this rewarming exercise, they spend five minutes in near-freezing water. Do you have what it takes to be a Navy SEAL? #Navy #USNavy #AmericasNavy

(April An instructor monitors SEAL Qualification Training candidates while they spend five minutes in near freezing water during a re-warming exercise.Photo by Erika N.

US Navy SEALS 03 We will kill you from a kayak bitch................

Navy SEALs navigate the waters in a folding kayak during jungle warfare operations

Beware of when he comes..."calling"

Special operations forces combat diver with underwater propulsion vehicle Canvas Art - Tom WeberStocktrek Images x

Us Navy SEALs Training

These photos capture the elite navy seal special forces in action. Navy seals are considered one of the deadliest special forces in the worl.

Navy SEALS What is there not to like about our brave boys and girls?  Just be proud of our military and our nation and say thanks to all those who have given or are still giving their all to protect us.

Army/Marines(fam members) and to my dad, one badass Navy Seal, Thank you dad! Thank you to ALL who have served!

Shut up Carl

10 Of The Most Extreme Training Regimens From Around The World

SEALs wearing rebreathers

Info on 3 types of underwater breathing apparatus used by US Navy SEALs and other US Special Operations Forces

Royal Dutch navy MARSOF (SBS) operator with jetboots..(736x1104)

Netherlands Special Forces The Netherlands Special Forces include highly trained combat swimmer .

US Navy SEALs 2013 Wall Calendar

US Navy SEALs 2013 Wall Calendar: U. Navy SEALs 2013 provides an up-close and personal look at this legendary elite fighting force.


SEALs stand out from any other special forces groups because of their very advanced skills with working underwater.

Chris Kyle American Sniper | Chris Kyle American Gun | Chris Kyle Navy SEAL Early Years

Wayne Kyle, the father of American Sniper Chris Kyle, is opening up about how many men his son killed in the line of duty, saying he ultimately saved more men than he killed.

Navy Seal Picture  (2d, character, underwater, atomhawk, navy seal)

Navy Seal Picture (2d, character, underwater, atomhawk, navy seal)

Navy SEAL Combat Swimmer

navy seal combat swimmer, Now that is one bad get up. reminds me of Predator.