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Behavior Cards: Good News!!  Positive notes to send home

Behavior Cards: Good News! Positive notes to send home. I'm going to try to start doing this right away. Parents need to hear good news too! If if only I can get past the color printer Nazi.

We Have Positive News | everythingjustso.org | This FREE resource can help turn a negative classroom into a positive one. Students begin searching for the positive in the classroom and report about it to the class.

Several years ago, I found myself in a rut with a difficult class. It seemed I was overly focused on the negative and rarely gave enough praise for the positive. I needed a way to change the climate of the classroom and involve the kids while doing so.

The MSM control the stories that they promote. If it benefits the liberal agenda, they use it. They are disgusting and the blame for the state of our country lies at their feet.

Officer Carolyn Gudger HERO >> wtf she's an officer of course she should have a firearm wtf registered firearms for defending the public? Yeah great even Korea effing has that. But guns in the hands of mentally unstable ppl?

Funny, I didn't see this on the evening news....wonder why? Brilliant minds!

Example of Narcissistic Abuse: Pathological Lying (not showing positive stories and images)

I'd trust him and what comes out of him more than the others

In today's news: How to be a good dog. Find out what exercises and how positive thoughts help you sleep better.