Take the printables and tape them to GIANT bottles of hand sanitizer.  When they have permission to use the restroom, they put the sanitizer on their desk.  This serves two purposes; I can quickly look at their desks and see that they're in the bathroom and they get a squirt of hand sanitizer when they come back.

First Grade and Fancy Free: Bathroom Passes great idea. When kiddos go to the restroom they put the hand sanitizer on their desk. When they return they get a squirt!

When new, remove the glue lids soak them in vegetable oil, rinse and return them to the bottles. This will help prevent clogs..... I AM SOOOOO GOING TO TRY THIS!

This looks helpful. Going to try it with my glue bottles. going to give this a try! {CLOG-FREE Glue using cooking oil inside the lids. Unclogging glue bottles is one of my least fave things to do as an art teacher! Hope it really works.

It's the "me too" sign.   You know how a student will say something and 15 other hands shoot up because they make a connection? The "me too" sign allows those 15 youngsters to let you and everyone in the room know that they also did whatever the speaker did or that they also like whatever the speaker likes. It's a great way to keep everyone on task, yet it lets them "be heard."

Great way to reduce interruptions, but encourage active listening.Clutter-Free Classroom: Me Too - Silent Hand Signals : Classroom Management Series

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