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    Home Remedy for soar throat, hacking cough, tight congestion... Just in time, thanks Melissa!

    Best home remedy for stopping a cold. My throat feels a bit better now!

    How to heal cavities naturally. No more "drill it and fill it". How cool is this?

    Home Remedy for sore throat, hacking cough, tight congestion... Using this in the winter instead of all those mucus relief drugs and decongestants that don't do a thing.

    This homemade cough remedy recipe works every time!!

    How to Make Homemade, All-Natural Spicy Cider Decongestant and Expectorant- this stuff works! Love it.

    This soothes a sore throat like nothing else I've tried.

    homemade cough syrup recipe home cold remedy sore throat ** Made this last night, finally was able to get some sleep without coughing my head off!

    Diy body scrub. Erases scars and dark spots, kills acne, brightens skin, and smells delicious. Great for yourself or a diy inexpensive christmas gift!

    Thayers Honey-B-Anise Sore Throat Syrup - 5 fl oz

    YES!!! I was hunting for these all winter...homemade vicks shower disks If you are congested, pop one in the floor of your shower, let the steam do it's work! Not sold in stores anymore!!

    The last two times I have felt a cold coming on-scratchy throat, sneezing, runny nose, etc.,-I have tried this and was symptom-free within two days. @Angela Hallack

    40 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar #infographic #applecidervinegar #naturalremedies

    Cold and Sore Throat Tea

    You've got to try this Homemade Cough & Cold Syrup recipe -- it's SO easy to make and all natural, too! Just 4 ingredients and it takes just a few minutes to mix up!

    ALL GIRLS SHOULD READ! A group of rapists and date rapists in prison were interviewed on what they look for in a potential victim and here are some interesting facts: A good thing to read and be aware! This brought up some points that I had never heard before and some things that I even do that I need to stop! GOOD FOR GOING TO COLLEGE!

    Beat the cold and flu season with this simple home remedy of honey infused garlic. It will boost your immune system and tastes great! Just two ingredients and five minutes will ward off colds & the flu! :: DontWastetheCrumb...

    Dr. Oz Teeth Whitening Home Remedy: 1/4 cup of baking soda lemon juice from half of a lemon. Apply with cotton ball or q-tip. Leave on for no longer than 1 minute, then brush teeth to remove. I'll be glad I pinned this next month when my braces come off.

    Natural Remedies for Strep Throat (And Why to Just Say No to Antibiotics)

    American Health Apple Cider Vinegar Description: Apple Cider Vinegar tablets deliver all the nutritional benefits of apple cider vinegar, and are provided in ta

    If you suffer from menstrual pain, there is relief! Check out these ten period pain relief tricks and remedies.