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    Muslim women are sharing what it's really like to wear a hijab, and their confessions are moving

    5 false beliefs about Muslims: "When you describe the fictional idea of ‘The Muslim World’ what you are essentially doing is grouping together 1.6 billion people made up of different races and nationalities, who live on different continents, who have different cultures, histories, economies, wealth, living standards, practices, who enjoy different art and music, and you are lumping them all together as if they are all the same. You are suggesting that Iran is Malaysia, which isn't true."

    Striking photo series reveals what NYC's genderqueer community used to look like


    Meet the Makech, the Bedazzled Beetles Worn as Living Jewelry | the makech is linked to a Yucatán legend involving a Maya princess and her lover. The pair's love was forbidden. The princess was heartbroken when they were discovered and her lover was sentenced to death, so a shaman changed the man into a shining beetle that could be decorated and worn over the princess's heart as a reminder of their eternal bond.

    5 Maddening Things Poor People Can't Get Out From Under | "Being poor comes with an unexpected plethora of bizarre side effects, like an intricate chain of dominoes that fall to form a giant torpedo aimed straight at your mental and physical well-being. " (see article for examples)

    Beauty across cultures: Huli from Papua New Guinea.


    A growing number of women are are booking hairstylists and makeup artists to come to their hospital room for postpartum grooming, typically with the first photographs of mother and child in mind. Those images are frequently posted on social media like Instagram to be seen by a broad network of friends, colleagues and close family.

    5 Signs Humans Are Still Evolving | Mental Floss

    "The fact is that gender is at once both biological and cultural. Powerful social forces help construct how children and adults may wish to express their gender, but anthropologists and biologists who explain how this happens in our societies do not deny that biological factors contribute to who we are. What they do deny is that biology should be used as a weapon to exclude people from the opportunity to live their lives as they should be entitled to do."

    I'm Intersex and My Body Works Just Fine, Thank You | "Emily Quinn is a 25-year-old animator who works at Cartoon Network. She is also ​intersex. For her this means that, while she has a perfectly normal-looking vagina, it's not a uterus and ovaries she has inside—it's a pair of testes. Like the rainbow flag, there are many shades to being intersex. The term refers to people born with differences in their sex characteristics, which can occur in genes, chromosomes, genitalia, body hair, etc."

    Arizona Drug Tested Welfare Recipients — Here Are the Shocking Results: The results are thin: more than 87,000 welfare recipients went through Arizona's program in its 3 years. The total number of drug cheats caught was exactly 1 — which saved the state precisely $560.

    The number of victims of mass shootings is at an historic high.

    21 Times #GrowingUpAGirl Got Way, Way Too Real | Buzzfeed

    Radmilla Cody (Navajo/African American) was the first biracial Miss Navajo crowned in 1998.

    Fascinating. Double-standards still apply in the 21st century. We can stop this!


    Why are you so self conscious?

    Beauty defined.

    What If We Treated All Consent Like Society Treats Sexual Consent?

    Why Is the American Dream Dead in the South? - Upward mobility has stayed the same the past 50 years despite skyrocketing inequality. But it's lower in the South (and Ohio) than anywhere else in the U.S.—or the rest of the developed world.

    It Is Expensive to Be Poor - Minimum-wage jobs are physically demanding, have unpredictable schedules, and pay so meagerly that workers can't save up enough to move on.

    ​Why Are So Many Mass Shootings Committed by Young White Men? |"Since 1982, there have been at least 70 mass shootings across the country... Forty four of the killers were white males. Only one of them was a woman."