So true.... for a few people that are not "welcome" to be a part of my life! ha ha! Burn bridge... burn!

Real marriage.

The only kind of parenting.

WARNING don't be funny around people that take things literally and have no sense of humor. Just do your Job (work), their not worth a good one anyway!

Please excuse the language, but honestly I've often felt this way but felt too obligated. How do I put this nicely? Lol

So, so, true!

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so true


This is so true! I Love Being A MOM … !!! My Greatest Blessing Calls Me MOM & I couldn't imagine my life without him

makes sense



parenting quote.... I love my kids and always try to raise them the right way.. To be respectful, courteous, and to have initiative... Oh and to open the door for girls 😊

What really matters...